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SCHWARZKOPF Igora Nude Tones Permanent Color Creme 6-46 2.1 oz


Color: 6-46 Dark Blonde Beige Chocolate

IGORA ROYAL Nude Tones, the first nude coloration, offering minimalistic, powdery tone directions that provide a sophisticated yet commercial enhancement of co-lour, with a subtle dash of fashion.Use the shade range to create effortlessly refined nude looks, from weightless blonde to intense brunette. The technology is a unique fusion of pure beige's with rosy undertones, for a dose of style, and a raw, yet elegant edge. The tones cover Levels 4 to 12, and provide 70 percent white hair coverage.
The 6 shades represent the new generation of multi-natural beige's and cover levels 4 to 12. Tailored services for authentic enhancement, creating a natural play of light and effortless elegance.
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