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Before understanding what ammonia-free or low ammonia color gels are, it’s good to know what role ammonia plays in the hair coloring process. Ammonia is an alkaline chemical and is commonly used to raise the pH level of your hair. 


This improves the state of the cuticles of your hair fiber. Subsequently, this allows the color to be settled in the cortex or inner chambers of the hair. Ammonia is, however, also used to lighten the natural color pigment of your hair and make it ready for recoloring.


Low ammonia color gels like Redken color gel lacquers replace this process with a different set of ingredients. 



What are Low Ammonia Color Gels

It is to be understood that “no ammonia” products don’t work in the same process. They have different results if used in different conditions. The lifetime and quality of low ammonia color gels can depend on how the color is induced. Many consumers of these products found them semi-permanent when they started migrating from general hair products. 


There were technological advancements that replaced ammonia, oil delivery systems that act as a tool to deliver colors to the fiber in your hair. This process, unlike how it sounds, is simple. Oils are blended with the color formula that is applied to the hair. 

The pigments migrate from these oils to the hair due to the moisture, subsequently settling down in the cortex, depositing the color right at the origin of the hair. 


Color Quality

Low ammonia color gels like Matrix Vavoom gel have a very gentle formula. This means that people with sensitive scalp or hair feel a minimal difference from other hair coloring processes. A recommended way to do this is to go through a patch test before using the product to check your hair sensitivity. 



Hair is smoother, and the quality is quite improved while using low ammonia color gels. It infuses nourishing oils into your hair to make it silkier. This prevents your hair from becoming drier, and it also gives a better life to your hair follicles.


Natural Look

A natural finish is what most people who want to color their hair are after. Neutral shades became famous in the hair color scenario. These include types in ash and bronde color. 

Low ammonia color gels offer various colors and shades to make it look more natural. So you can stay ahead in the trend without using any chemicals that pose side effects like allergies and diseases. 



Another area of criticism about ammonia hair products is that the smell that it emits. Low ammonia color gels don’t have a strong smell that makes the coloring process enjoyable and pampering. 


Wrapping Up 

These factors give low ammonia color gels like the Matrix Vavoom gel an edge over the standard hair products that people use. It is not only about the quality that these gels have, but they also deliver their prime function without harming your hair.

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