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Celeb Luxury Viral Extreme Yellow Color Wash 8.25 oz

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Celeb Luxury Viral Extreme Yellow Color Wash 8.25 oz

If you've spent the time and money to color your hair, you deserve to keep it looking great for as long as possible. With Celeb - Viral Extreme Yellow Color Wash Shampoo, your tresses can look as stunning and fresh as they day you colored your hair. Using the product is easy. Simply apply a generous amount to your wet hair and work it in from root to tip. Then wash it out thoroughly, paying close attention to the back of your neck. Be prepared for compliments from friends and coworkers as they admire your stunning look. When they ask how your color stays so fresh and sharp, you can tell them it's as easy as washing your hair. In addition to keeping your hair color bright, the shampoo uses a gentle formula that provides a superb hydrating experience. The nourishing formula restores moisture levels and heals damaged hair. Feel confident knowing that your Celeb product is free from paraben, sulfates, ammonia, PPDS and peroxide. It's also never tested on animals and is fully vegan.

Brand New.